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Your Secret Weapon for Used Car Reconditioning

Don’t you wish you had a secret weapon for used car reconditioning?  You know, a switch or tool you could turn on and all your used car reconditioning process issues would vanish into thin air.  That would be a dream come true, but you are in a dream if you think a tool is the answer to your used car reconditioning process nightmare’s.

In the past couple of years, the biggest buzz word in the automotive industry is “days in recon.”  The used car reconditioning process is so important to a dealerships bottom line it has attracted some of the biggest technology companies in the automotive industry-like Hugh Hathcock’s Recon Velocity and vAuto’s iRecon.   While these software tools are great for identifying bottle neck issues, defining used car reconditioning processes, and accountability they are still just tools and only as good as the people that use them.  The human element is still the biggest obstacle in your used car reconditioning process. 

Your Secret Weapon for Used Car Reconditioning

Technology has come a long way in the past 10 to 15 years in the used car industry.  We monitor every piece of data when purchasing cars, managing used car inventory levels, marketing used cars on third party websites and appraising customer cars in the sales process.   Armed with this data dealers have been able to completely change how they market and sale cars because of the revolutionary software that has been developed by companies like vAuto, Eleads, Max Digital and many others. 

The human element is still the biggest obstacle in any process regardless of how good the software tool is.  What if you could eliminate 90% of workflow processes with a highly automated process in used car reconditioning? This would be like having a Secret Weapon for used car reconditioning, right!

Introducing TrueRecon

your secret weapon for used car reconditioning

TrueRecon is your secret weapon for used car reconditioning.   Geo-Intelligence and Geo-validation, with real data, increases the  accuracy of vehicle physical location as well as the step in process, resulting into significant increased sales opportunities and more. With real time  process automation, quick logging of used keys and books, fully Integrated, pinpoint accurate key tracking, real-time margin reporting and exact location for Geo-validation of every car on your dealership lot.  All these benefits are possible:

  • 20% gross profit improvement with a shorter time to lot-ready
  • 50% reduction in holding time with better bottleneck visibility
  • 70% reduction in staff management time and frustration
  • 100% ready for the future of retail auto reselling

I believe in TrueRecon so much I joined their team in an advisory role to help them deliver a superior product to the automotive industry in a space that desperately needs attention.   Plus, I just love an underdog success story.

The Competitive Edge

your secret weapon for used car reconditioning

In my humble opinion, there is one major differentiating factor that TrueRecon has over the competition.  The ability to combine their patent-pending real time location services to seamlessly deliver Geo-validation and Geo-stepping directly into TrueRecon software. This then delivers an automation and oversight capability that removes the human error in the normal step by step process in other used car reconditioning software programs.  Here are the key features and benefits of using TrueRecon over the competitors.

Key Features

  • Simple but powerful intuitive dashboard accessible from computer, tablet as we fully optimized for smartphones for those always on the go. 
  • Workflows tailored to dealer needs and process (e.g. Used, CPO)
  • Highly reusable RO templates
  • Real-time margin calculator (This one is my Favorite)
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Reports
  • Geo-validation and geo-stepping



  • ROI improvements in short time frame
  • Fast ramp up and staff training
  • Instant profit gain/loss decisions anytime anywhere
  • Higher productivity (per hour) reducing recon cycle
  • Clear view to individual accountability
  • Efficiency tracking every step of the cycle
  • Verify steps execute in expected
  • Flexibility to intake large inventory
  • Reliable data to decide best vendors for the business
  • Location and process visibility to every car in inventory

The list of key features and benefits are endless, and I keep finding new ones every day.  We all have stories about stolen cars from our lots and how we either recovered or did not recovery them at all.  In the later scenario, an unrecoverable stolen car cost dealerships millions of dollars each year and that cost goes straight to the bottom line of your department.  Taking 50K off the variable gross in one month could kill your paycheck.  

With Geo-tracking and Geo-validation, a daily report is available that gives you an immediate visibility to any important assets that are missing.  This could give you that much needed lead time to discover a stolen car. 

Lot Management

In my very first guest blog post on Max Digital, I discussed the importance of inventory management specifically on aging inventory.  Knowing where your aging used car inventory is on your lot is key to controlling your aging inventory. TrueSpot gives you instant verification on the location of aging inventory to ensure that these cars are placed in high traffic areas for maximum exposure to potential customers.

Image how much time and man hours Geo-validation could save your company when it is time to do physical inventory at the end of each month.  No more hunting for cars.  You can log into the dashboard and intuitively know where every asset on your dealership campus is located within minutes.  The folks in accounting will love this feature.  Once again, this takes the human element out of the equation for increased speed and productivity.

The Value Calculation

your secret weapon for used car reconditioning

Want to find out how much TrueRecon can save you each month? Look at the above snapshot to see the huge savings your dealership can realize by choosing TrueRecon.  I used dealership average numbers and plugged them into the value calculator.  Most dealers can realize a whopping $11,975 dollars a month totaling to $143,700 annual revenue gained by using TrueRecon. 

Use this link and plug in your dealership numbers to see how much your dealership will save on a monthly and yearly basis by using TrueRecon. 

Pro Tip! Make sure you go through ever tab Lost Keys, Frontline Efficiency, Audits & Photos, Service, Recon Process to calculate you total dealership savings. 

The Test Drive

We all know that the demo or test drive in the sales process is key in the road to the sale.  So why should this be any different.  Mike Hanna and his team at TrueSpot are offering you a FREE 90-day test drive so you can decide if TrueRecon is the best choice for a used car reconditioning software tool for your dealership.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

And here is the best part.  You get to deal with me!

A real insider who knows the pains and stumbling blocks we face daily in the hectic day to day routines in a car dealership.  Not some software salesperson that thinks they know how it works in a dealership.  If your interested in test driving the best product in used car reconditioning software just click the button below, fill in your information and I will reach out to you and answer any questions you may have.  If I do not know the answer, I will get Mike Hanna or one of his experts to find the answer for me. 

Go Ahead! Click the button below for your FREE test drive.  You don’t even need a loaner form.


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