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How to Survive in a Volatile Used Car Market

In my latest interview with Mike Cavanaugh, Executive VP of Maxdigital, Mike and I discuss how to survive in a volatile used car market.  Mike and I have followed each other on LinkedIn for the last few years and this was the first time we were able to meet face to face via webinar.  

Mike’s team at Maxdigital have come up with some really great ideas on the marketing side of the used industry.  He’s just launched the integration of being able to retrieve original manufacturer window stickers (MSRP) on all makes and models.  This is a huge advantage when writing your vehicle descriptions allowing you to have pin point accuracy on key options that make a car desirable to customers such as Navigation, Moon roof, Leather interior for example.  With all the high tech features that are available in cars today, it’s imperative  to make sure your descriptions are accurate to attract more buyers to your listings. 

How to survive in a volatile used car market

Along with Maxdigital’s new MSRP integration, Mike and I cover some of the unique challenges that used car inventory managers face today in retail automotive, including how to get the market comparison set for a vehicle just right and Craig’s sound advice for used car managers just getting started on asking for help. So putt on your earbuds and check out this in depth interview on how to survive in a volatile used car market. 


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