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How I Started my Automotive Industry Blog While on Furlough

I’ve always wanted to start my own blog or website about my expertise that I have collected in my 35 years in the automotive industry, but I wasn’t sure how that would go over with my current employer.

Then came along the deadly scourge of Covid-19 in February of 2020,  I was furloughed for 30 days due to the lack of business. No hard feelings, I understood the situation and I actually welcomed the time off.

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you know I do a lot of posting about the tools I use in my business like,  vAuto and Stockwave.  This time, I decided to post about my new found situation with unlimited time on my hands, and I was trying to figure out how I could turn this crazy time into a positive situation.

Here’s a snippet of my post on LinkedIn-See the post here>

“Today is the beginning of a new chapter, maybe only 30 days maybe longer, as I am one of the 2300 Asbury Automotive employees affected by the layoff.

No worries though, I understand the reasoning behind the decisions. After all, when the company puts everyone on a buying freeze there’s not much for me to do.

Or is there?

I choose the the later. 

This is a massive opportunity!

Here’s my advice for any buyer. Be forward thinking, keeping your finger on the pulse of the market to make sure that when the bottom of the market appears, you are poised to make the right buying decisions (making the wrong ones could be disastrous) and take advantage of the downside of the market.”

Once this post hit LinkedIn and starting gaining some traction, I started to get a lot of phone calls from other automotive dealers, friends and colleagues in my area, as well as dealers located in others area’s of the country, about what I was going to do now that I have all this time on my hands.  

I began to notice, that this post was gaining more and more views and comments. Every day my email box was pilling up with notices about comments and reactions from LinkedIn.  Today, this post has gotten 16,462 views, 156 reactions and 51 comments.  

I mean this was just crazy to me. I thought I had a pretty good following on LinkedIn, but nothing like this. 


This Was my Opportunity

This got me thinking about starting my own blog again. Obviously there are a lot of people that are interested in what I have to say, and if I could leverage the power of Social Media to get the word out, I may have a chance of creating a blog that was worth reading. 

There’s nothing worse than searching for something on Google and ending up on a blog or website that’s just full invaluable post, just to get you to click on an ad or link so you will buy something.  I understand the business model of affiliate marketing, and there are some great sites out there the do a fantastic job and make a ton of money from affiliate advertising.  They are so good, you actually don’t realize that they are affiliate marketing sites. 

This time off has actually help me to start building an affiliate site that builds value for the readers for my wife Kim.  If your interested in organic food and healthy life tips like my wifes is, jump over to her new site (shameless plug) I’m trying to get more backlinks to her site. LOL! 

I regress, 

So, here it is. I’m building this site to help others learn the strategies and tactics that I have used in my 35 years of the automotive industry. Training I wish I would have had earlier in my career. 

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy all the post,videos and other info I provide. If you have any suggestions or comments please leave them below and please share what you’ve learned with the platform of your choice below. 

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