Pre-Owned Business Strategies


Hi, I’m Craig White the guy behind Profitable Pre-Owned Business Strategies.

On this site, I share everything I’ve learned along the 35 year journey in the car business. The content I create is the training I wish I had earlier in my career .

Ultimately, I’m doing this to help people like you, to take your business to the next level and build an incredibly profitable pre-owned business plan.

What You Will Learn

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Why Certified Used Cars Matter
  • Service Drive Trade-In Program
  • Inventory Control
  • Recon Best Practices
  • Writing Business Plans
  • Digital Marketing

You are in the battle for the digital real estate in the automotive industry. Getting customer eye balls to your website via 3rd party websites and make sure that your cars show up first in the listing of the biggest Automotive website’s like Autotrader and

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