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Finding Opportunity in a High Cost Wholesale Market

In this podcast, Patrick Janes, director for vAuto’s Stockwave discusses how to mine data to find undiscovered wholesale market potential in a high cost wholesale market.  

Patrick also outlines why he thinks 2021 retail market will remain robust, even in an ongoing risky wholesale market. 

Patrick and I have a long relationship, as he was originally my performance manager when he was on the vAuto side of things.  On every visit he always gave me that one piece of addition information that would propel my used car inventory higher to increase gross and turn rate.  

It’s always worth the 15-20 minutes to listen what Patrick has to say in each and every podcast.  I promise you will always find something of value to help you fine tune your used car operation.  You can hear all of Patrick’s podcast on Sound Cloud by clicking here


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