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Buying Cars at Auction – 7 Tips to Avoid Auction Mistakes.

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Buy the right car at the right price every time with this eBook, Buying Cars at Auction – 7 Tips to Avoid Auction Mistakes.  Use the buttons on the left and right on the above slides to navigate the presentation. 

Here is the Topics that are discussed:

  • Why Your Sourcing Cars at Auction
  • Become an Auction Pro
  • What Cars Perform the Best in Your Market
  • Build a Smart Strategy
  • Cast a Wider Net
  • Proxy Bids
  • Leverage Technology

Under current market conditions, you cannot afford to make mistakes buying cars at auction.  Becoming an auction pro and studying the data so you can quickly identify trends in the market is a skill that everyone who sources cars at auction must master.  

Relying on gut instinct just does not cut it anymore.  The market is simply changing too fast.  Take MMR for example.  The data that MMR relies on to maintain a consistent average price, dropped so quickly MMR did not adjust to the new market conditions.  

If you’re not familiar with  daily MMR retention read this guide by Manheim. 

So, if you were just buying cars based on MMR alone, you would have made some huge mistakes that would have cost you a fortune in gross profit. 

Become a Student of The Market

buying cars at auction 7 tips to avoid auction mistakes

Here are a few publications I suggest you read on a daily and weekly basis. 

These are my top 4 go to resources that I comb over on a daily and weekly basis.  You would be amazed at the insights you will develop by reading these sites.  You will start to develop your own ideas to improve your buying skills and used car marketing techniques.  

I hope my eBook, Buying Cars at Auctions – 7 Tips to Avoid Auction Mistakes, will give a few pieces of information you can put in your toolbox for increased success in sourcing cars at auctions. 

If you would like to download the presentation click on the button below. 

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